Gather around fellow Orkuteers ….

Hey… Do you like Orkut? then i bet you will like this article…

Orkut Toolbar
This toolbar (for Firefox) contains a host of formatting tools allowing users to customize text, emoticons, weblinks within their scrapbooks or community forums.

Its crowning feature is giving users the ability to post images within a forum for the first time, although only users with the toolbar will be able to see them. You can also post flash movies, although you must insert them “at your own risk.”

Download link :

Orkut Cute (aka the Orkut browser)

This probably one of the best programs developed for Orkut thus far (although another program not mentioned here is attempting to de-throne Orkut Cute). designed by
Orkut Cute is a “modified browser” which allows users to change their background skin scrap all of your friends at once, post to all of your favorite forums at the same time and last but not least, inform you when new posts arrive in your favorite communities.

It also contains the basic formatting options, as well as a scrap notifier to let you know when you receive new messages.

Crowning features: Post in multiple scrapbooks and forums at once, change background colors, alerts you to new messages in forums.

Download Link :

Hope you found this useful 🙂


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