Billa 2007 – A good comeback for Ajith

I never even had a small bit of thought that i m gonna see this movie this early and that too on the 2nd day of release itself ! I ve never ever seen a movie this early after release… and it was a good start for me… All thanks to my friend – Anand.

Billa 2007 – the remake of the legendry actor “Rajnikanth” is the talk of the town indeed. Its got cool and latest cinematography put into it and the location being Malaysia spices it up more. U get to see the Petronas Towers in almost every scene….

The movie, unlike SRK’s DON, lacks a little colourful setup but the music has made up for it. Hats off to Yuvan Shankar Raja. Especially the entry of Ajith in the “My name is Billa” song is so awesome with dazzling lites and stuff… Dont forget to notice the Golden Billa logo behind him !

I feel 9tara has done her part well. But Namitha’s role is unnecessary in this movie. As in ATM, she is just an object of lust and nothing more ! (Aaah.. i get irritated when i hear the word ATM… cudnt believe i went for that movie in between my sem exams.. a big mistake !)

Ajith’s racing skills are also well evident in the film. All the modern gadgetry used are well explained in simple terms so that it is clear to the common man and this is the edge it has over other movies…. Well to wrap it up.. i would say its a gr8 oppuritunity for ajith fans (which i m not) to cherish for a long long time till another one of his movie releases.

Finally, I m happy to have seen a good movie after a long range of disappointments 🙂
Waiting eagerly for Kamal’s Dhasavataram ….

To get a more in-depth review go to :


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