how one shud not spend the hols – a guide

i think this is the last post i ll be making from home. i ve reached the fag end of the boring hols and am now on cloud9 thinking of the fun i m gonna hav in coll this sem…. not to forget that i m gonna study more as well this sem…. now lemme list how i spent my hols (rather wasted it .. 😛 )

  • wanted to improve my driving skills but ended up not even touching any car (coming to think of it… 2 cars are there at home and even then i didnt drive’em… sheesh.. am i lazy or what?)
  • planned to do some ipt.. but the attempt was useless..
  • didnt learn any new language… 😦
  • was always sitting bfore my comp doing useless and vetti stuff…
  • was literally listening ( or pretending to listen … atleast.. :P) music 24×7..

ther and the list continues… i m even more lazy to mention it… i hav decided one thing.. that i m not gonna be this vetti/lazy any more in future.. gotta keep myself occupied some way or other..
ok bye.. gotta go n play monopoly with my cousins (he he… oops.. i m still childish!!)


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