my ride to my insti…

Alas i have reached my insti (NITT) after a month long winter break. Man! coll is cool!
and what stumped me most is the changes in trichy… the tiruchchirapalli railway station has been renovated and now looks awesome (especially at night time) with the water fountain and the artificial palm which is decorated by fancy lighting… hmm.. trichy is not a bad place after all.. its improving slowly. And what more? i just arrived at trichy after a 6 hour long journey.. Miss.128 was waiting for me a CBS.. Wow.. she was a beauty! She had had a makeover since i had seen her a month ago. She startled me. She gave me a lift to my insti, A peaceful 45-min journey…. The old seats which had very less legspace had been replaced by new single seater seats… even the lighting had been improved. i reached diamond at about 10.30pm. it was like a haunted mansion or something… it gave me the creeps. But, i managed to cross its spooky corridor with the help of some illumination from my best friend (my nokia 6300).. i stood in front of my room (Diamond#2) waiting for something to happen! how stupid? then i saw some parcel tucked into the door latch..i wondered.. what could it be? Aah! it was UbuntU 7.10 (gutsy gibbon) CD that i had ordered before 3 weeks… i felt happy! Somehow managed to set my bed right… was jus about to sleep when the door just flew open… i was frightened.. who could it be at this time of the night? my imaginations ran wild! but it was only my roomie 🙂
atlast i could sleep without any fear!

One Response to “my ride to my insti…”
  1. Alagappan says:

    enna kodumai da ithu..??? 🙂

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