DeLtA tr8t number #2

Here i m sitting in octa (graphics lab to be precise) listening to AudioSlave at about 6:30 am ! Any idea wat i was doin?…

i will give you three guesses….




Ok.. i m sure u cudnt come up with anything… i ll tell wat i was doin.. i was playing DotA in Lab1(nite out).. A very big thanks to the dumb octa security guy.. aah.. felt gr8 to play dota after a month or so.. i did some Prodigy’08 site work too 😛

oh yeah let me get on wid the main stuff this post is for – Delta treat number #2

The 4th yr delta guys had arranged a treat for us in “Sree …something” – A garden restaurant. It was good as it came as a complete surprise after ct’s. Hats off to my seniors. Though the “Pussy fruit” thing (ordered by eskay) wasn’t so good, surya drank it bottoms up! And he won a Rs.50 bet with suren (suren was looking pavam.. lolz.. serves him rite for keeping a bet like that) Had gr8 fun with suren, ankit, sahil and a few others too. The treat had a “About Me” session which was a sort of sentimental raggin given by 4th yrs. Got some juice about some of the crushes and proposals that seniors had in when they wer in 1st, 2nd and 3rd yr. On a whole, it was a jolly good treat. Delta Rocks!!!

Ok then.. i m off to mess now to have breakfast and i promise i ll dedicate a post to my second CT’s of 4th sem sooner or later 🙂


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