More about SAM ANDERSON – the next superstar, thala, and everything else !!!

I was thinking of writing about the Blockbuster Kollywood Movie of 2007- “Yaaruku Yaar Stepnee”..

Now that, Lavanya (whom i know only thru nittians) had already written a entry.. i would like to give some more intricate details about the hero of the movie and also the movie as a whole…

Sam Anderson aka Andy (btw.. he is a local guy and not the hollywood ‘Anderson’ !)  is an inspiration to all the people who want to do a lead role in a movie. Andy has done a profound movie on all the implications of stepnee in “Yaaruku Yaar Stepnee”. For those who don’t know, “Stepnee” is nothing but a spare tyre for an automobile. It may mean something else also, but thats left out to you to infer after watching the movie. 😛

His dance steps are difficult to such an extent that even Michael Jackson can’t immitate it. ( Don’t agree with me?? then jus take a shot at this video : )

Do you feel that need for a partner to whom you can share things with?? then… follow Andy’s steps. Just help a girl in distress with an extra tyre(stepnee). Tada.. the next instant you have a gf!!

You should listen to Andy recite the ‘stepnee’ routine in the climax of the movie. You will either come out appreciating the linguistic master piece that the writer has penned down probably after couple of shots of vodka , or you would be to believe that half of AamJunta has become his ‘Stepnee’.

Want to join the ‘SAM ANDERSON’ hype?? Visit …

Three cheers for Andy.. Hip Hip Hurrah !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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