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i m sure many of you nittians might know about it and would have even subscribed to its popular freeservices like NEWS, CRICKET UPDATES, WORD, TRAVEL and more

But there are also other features like sending any of your feeds as SMS and bookmarking sites, etc. mytoday will send the feed only upto some 50-60 characters i.e. if u add as a feed, all the posts will be trimmed and only the starting line will be shown with a link which can be followed to read the whole article on the net or on gprs

What bothered me to write this post was that i had subscribed nittians as feed and offlate there had been so much activity on nittians that i have been getting about 15 msgs from mytoday on an average in my inbox 😦

so, i discontinued the feed πŸ˜›

Even though the feed feature trims the articles it can be used to subsribe to feeds like GRE word of the day and stuff..

PS: even if u dont hav a gf to whom u can msg from time to time… i believe subscribing to all mytoday services will keep you busy to the extent that u can show off to ur frnds that even u are busy msging all day πŸ˜›

so, enjoy mytodaying and visit for your dashboard !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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