jaxtr – wat can i say?? its purely free and it rox !

First of all, thanks to TechBuzz and GoogleReader.. cuz they told me about this awesome service called JAXTR

I had ignored a lot of emails about jaxtr that i had received before. but i regret for it now…

jaxtr rocks for sure ! Asking why? Well one reason is that it allows you to send unlimited number of sms to any mobile from a group of countries (39 at present). Thankfully, India is on the list too 🙂

So, you may ask what makes jaxtr different from other similar sites like it… The thing is, you can only feel the difference when you sign into jaxtr. the whole experience is so rich and fast !

jaxtr’s plus points :

  1. you don’t need to verify you email to send free sms
  2. its not compulsory to give/verify your phone number 😉
  3. u get a phone call from jaxtr asking you to input a verification code when you try to update you profile with a mobile number 😛
  4. you can even call your friends thru jaxtr and literally speak to each other !

jaxtr’s negatives :

  1. u get to send only 65 characters per sms (but u can always extend ur msg to the next sms)
  2. u can call friends @ 6 jax/min (jax being a sort of currency of jaxtr)
  3. u get only 100 jax/month for free 😦

Ok then… lets continue our chat on jaxtr.  Click here to call me

Call Arvind (KRA) via jaxtr for free


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