experiences of ½(engineer)

Wow! it has been 2 whole years since i came to NITT! As people say – “TIME FLIES” (TRULY an undeniable fact)

Still remember the first day of coll, first step into octa, first visit to juicy, etc.. 😛

I was influenced by a lot of factors in coll, and this is how my sems passed :

1st sem : being a fresher, was a sincere student. tried new tricks on octa comps. ended up with an 8.74

2nd sem : coll life seemed to infect me. started to be careless. birdwatching became my hobby. started bunking classes to play cs & dota. became cs addict. screwd up lot of octa comps. hacked lot of nittmail and spider passwords (including cyber’s). shared about 500MB in my aditya account. got only 8.17

3rd sem : Ah, the sweet prod dept welcomed me! Had some hopes of doing some studies this sem. But then was distracted by Delta Inductions and DoTA 😛 got my second ‘S’ in coll in Machine Tech. lolz! gpa=8.14 :’-(

4th sem : after gettin a tragic cg i wanted to improve it somehow. fortunately lab2 was closed after 6pm this sem. so, no gaming (hurrah!). devoted that time to learn some neat php stuff and coded prodigy’08 site. conducted delta classes. screwd up Num Tech sem exam properly. hav done other subjs fairly well. hopefully expecting 8.3 or more this sem. well, lets keep the fingers crossed !

Ooh.. there goes all the sweet sems of fun!

Still to come… the 3 most wicked sems of the CPC’s (atleast thats wat i hav inferred from my seniorss) dunno if its gonna be 🙂 or 😦


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