Want a randomly generated unique pass ?

Since WordPress 2.5 a new security feature has been introduced which is known as the WordPress Security Key. Most users don’t know the exact function of Seucurity Key and how to use it.

Below I have answered some of the frequently asked questions about WordPress Seucirty Key which can help users with security of their blog.

What is Security Key?

It is a hashing salt that is not readable through the database or in more easy words the WordPress Security Key is a unique phrase which causes better encryption of information stored in the user’s cookies.

Does WordPress support Security Key?

Yes! as of WordPress 2.5 and onwards, WordPress now supports the use of a Security Key to make your blog more safe and secure.

Can I enable Security Key in versions prior to WordPress 2.5?

No! this new optional entry was released with WordPress 2.5 so there is no way to enable it in versions prior to WordPress 2.5

Can Security Key be one of my Passwords?

Yes! but make sure its really long and very hard. Unless otherwise you would not only risk the security of your blog but also risk the security of your other online accounts which use the same password.

How can I generate a good and long Security Key?

Simply use the WordPress Secret Key Generator.

Do I need to remember the Security Key?

Absolutely not! Its a random key and is used only to make the information stored in the user’s cookies more secure. You don’t need to remember it or write it down.

Where to put the WordPress Security Key?

Once you have generated a Security Key using the WordPress Secret Key Generator, open wp-config.php and paste it there.


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