Life at HAL HD

(Begin Transmission)

Its natural for you to think whats this arbit guy writing about some arbit stuff called “HAL HD”

Well…. the truth is that even i felt the same way when i came across it for the first time (at the start of my training here)!
“HAL HD” can be expanded to “Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Helicopters Division”

One thing i have learnt from my past 2 days experience at HAL HD (lol!) is that some places exist in our earth where HOMOSAPIENS like to use a lot of ABBRs (aka Abbreviations), and shortforms which can be really confusing at times.

Apart from that, its been really cool out here, with especially the damn cool climate due to the recent downpour at B’lore. I have just visited the MS (Machine Shop) at HD (common u guys, pick up some pace and learn these abbr’s)

I was just dumbstruck when i stepped into MS. It is misleading to call it a SHOP. It should be rather called a YARD or something like that. Its got 8 subdivisions inside (Spline cell, MR – Shaft & Sleeve cell, Bevel Gear cell.. blah blah blah.. and my legs are paining still). They have got some latest cutting edge technology here. Ranging from the semi-auto CMM to GLEASON gear cutters. OMG! its too good. I have a lot to learn about these still. Everything is just very new and amazing to me. Hope i ll get used to it in a “couple of days”.

Over and Out!
(End Transmission)


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