Flip IT (ʇı dılɟ) – get ready to face the change

Hey, i discovered a new text flipping tool.. its awesome. Flips text upside down so that you can stand on your hands and read it. LOLz.. get the tool here

Its a great tool for grabbing attention somewhere on a web page. I have a crazy thought, imagine if a whole page is full of flipped text. And what if the whole world shifts to this crazy practice. What if the World wide web consortium (w3c) makes this THE STANDARD, say as Web 3.0?

Well.. if it happens then everyone would have to practice standing on the hands or heads!! 😛
But, for now everyone can enjoy this tool.. hope w3c guys don’t get to look at this ever 😀

One Response to “Flip IT (ʇı dılɟ) – get ready to face the change”
  1. Ruaiks says:

    Haha, if that’d happen, I’m lucky I guess.. I can read upside down! ><"

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