Configuring my dell inspiron 1420 for ubuntu hardy heron !

Yeah.. got a new laptop.. DELL INSPIRON 1420 with 3 gig ram, 250 gig hdd, T5550 core2duo processor, 128mb nvidia graphics card.. its awesome.. what i always wanted. But sadly, dell has revealed its new STUDIO LAPTOPS recently, which look way more cooler 😦

Well there is no end to my craving for comps and internet (ya.. net too.. with gr8 difficulty got an unlimited 128kbps sify broadband for a month at home..which cost me one grand! but its no way comparable to nitt’s ultimate net facility for us delta members.. lol!)

From the day i got my dell inspi, i have been fancying it like anything.. transfering mp3, movies and stuff from my old desktop to laptop. Man! i bet my desktop is envying my laptop.. cuz after i got it.. i have left my desktop high and dry paying no attention to it.. too bad.. isn’t it?

Lemme mention about the crazy stuff that happened when i got the shipment from dell. I was sleeping on my bed at 7 am when my dad tried to wake me up by bombarding the parcel over me. I was dreaming as if my bro was hitting me hard with something and to my surprise… IT HAD ARRIVED! what i was waiting for over a week!!

I installed ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) without further delay. My! its a beauty you know! i could sit there for hours watching the black gdm login screen with the heron peeping out! Now came the tougher part. Hunting for repos.. And there it began. Took me about 2-3 days to find out incompatibility issues with the hardware and to rectify it.

I thought i would mention some of the problems that i faced :

  • Only one of the dual head phone jacks were working. See here to rectify it.
  • Bluetooth adapter was not detected : installed bluez bluetooth manager for gnome. i advise you to install it thru synaptic or apt-get so that all the dependancies will also be installed. Also, the bluetooth switch had some bug. So had to got back to vista and switch it on so that it got detected.
  • Installed ndiswrapper for the wireless mini-card
  • The brightness keys had to be fixed as explained here
  • Installed pulseaudio for better functionality
  • Used a program called cheese for activating the integrated webcam. Wow! it has more cool effects than the vista interface!

Also, for a start try this for customizing your desktop and themes.
And what more. I hav also made room for screenlets, amarok, vlc and some other nice applets like cpu temp…
I ❀ linux and my dell inspiron too. Right now.. i am having a whole new experience with the noise cancellation headphones πŸ˜› (Papu can’t dance saala.. is playing rite now.. thought you must know !)

The travel remote rocks.. but its full functionality is limited to windows media player. Have to figure out a way to use it with vlc or amarok. Now that would be kool πŸ™‚ What more? the remote can fit into the express card slot so you can keep it tucked inside the laptop safely when not in use.

I still gotta configure apache and mysql! thats painful! ouch πŸ˜›

i even found a gnome substitute for the windows based “Launchy” which is called “Gnome-Do“..
Watch out.. more updates to come soon…

PS : All this exaggeration and enthu will be long gone after i get used it! I want to remember these moments later in life. So i came up with this post πŸ™‚


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