what i did this summer

Gosh! its a miracle how my 2 whole months of summer hols have passed by. Looking behind from now, it feels as if nothing happened at all whereas a lot has happened for me this summer!

Here is a list of things i did this summer:
1. IPT @ HAL, Bangalore
2. Learnt how to be alone 😀
3. Uselessly surfing net at home
4. Downloading movies from torrents
5. Watchin’em
6. Started playing DotA on GG
7. Learnt new gamer lingo (imba, lol, dc, mc, pp, afk, and more)

Here is a list of movies i saw: (with comments in braces)
1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy (omg! so long man!!)
2. Stargate Continuum
3. X-Men Trilogy (rocks!)
4. Be Kind Rewind (Kinda sucks)
5. Chaos Theory (lol, its good)
6. Jumper (Ultimate)
7. Kung Fu Panda (Ultimate)
8. Mr.Bean’s Holiday (Nice classic comedy)
9. One Missed Call (weird, eerie, horror)
10. Small Soldiers (I liked it, its good)
11. Step Up 2 – The Streets (extra ordinary !!)
12. The Bank Job (Cool, abt Corruption, must see)
13. The Ruins (hmm.. kinda ok)
14. The Spiderwick Chronicles (Grrrr! for children)
15. Vantage Point (Too Good)
16. Wargames – The Dead Code (Can be seen once)
17. Dasavathaaram (Nice)
18. Santhosh Subramanium (Ultimate)
19. Vel (another tamil masala… grrrr!)
20. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Good music, but didnt like the story)
21. Bhoothnath (for kiddies!)

Also have “Wanted”. The “Hancock” that i downloaded was not of much quality. So, i am waiting for a better print.

Leaving to college tonite ! So, this will be hopefully my last post from home this month 😛

I pray that hostel allotment should not become a kela. Wish me luck for 3rd Year. 😀


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