my fabulous fifth sem

Days just keep passing by and it feels as if am doing nothing useful. My fifth sem (July’08-Nov’08) as afore mentioned, is certainly fabulous with a capital “F”. Got Garnet, a nice room facing the great outdoors of NITT (pun intended!) and not to mention a gr8 roommate (was this also pun?? :P). Gaming is in full swing on G-LAN. Got bitten by the AOE3 bug! Other than gaming all that i did was watch “HEROES” and “HOW I MET YOUR MOM“. And i must say How I Met Your Mom was, is and will be “LEGEN.. wait for it.. DARY”. Head out to Barney’s blog & feel awesome 😀

Festember’08 was just ok. But i guess i rather “Dropped out” earlier and forgot to “Tune in” again 😀
I was surprised to observe one thing during festember. And its not the ever bubbly AIRTEL stageshows or pronite or the Salsa workshop. I was too damn surprised to see some recent Alumni of NITT (and that too who dont live in Trichy) hanging out in college during Festember. Now, i dunno why they even bothered to come (and i think they didnt come for enjoying festember just cuz they LIKE festember, but maybe they came for someone else whom they cared for.. and am not a pro-guesser.. so i may be partly correct 😛 ). I would not even think of Festember once am out of NITT! Seriously! Think thats mostly wraps up festember from my point of view. Oh yeah, the stalls were sort of ok this time. T-shirt was the worst ever.. I had expected something more from it.

Was light minded about the first CT’s. Took it a little cool and ended up with pathetic score in a 4-Credit subject. But still thinking in lines of an arbit NITTian, theres still 2nd CT and the End Sem to manage and improve my score.. so why even bother.

I was a part of Meet GNU/Linux (MGL’08) team and took up File Perms.
A lot of things were in my mind in the past about which i wanted to blog, so will update as soon as i remember them again. That pretty much wraps everything up till now. And i hope that Pragyan’09 goes well. Especially Junkyard Wars 😀

And some day i wish that i ll get myself a totally awesome paid domain name! (Just a reminder note)

2 Responses to “my fabulous fifth sem”
  1. Shivya says:

    I’m sure this fest is more fun than you make it sound! By the way, thanks for sharing the link to Barney’s blog. It’s awe……wait for it….some!

  2. kra says:

    @Shivya: hmm.. ya.. it is fun for ppl who like it.. but i don’t fancy it much.
    and its my pleasure to hav shared that link 😛

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