Aegan – Movie Review

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I might say Aegan was a worst ever remake of “Main Hoon Na”. Storyline is pathetic. Ajith’s intro potrays him as a top notch CID officer who kills the bad guys without giving a damn about court trials. In the later half of the movie, he becomes a STUDENT in which he completely looses his charm. He just becomes a normal guy and as the story unfolds, he falls in love with Nayantara.

The Villian(Suman) has in fact taken his villian act to a whole new level which will make you LAUGH ! Seriously, the movie would have done good without him 😛

The biggest downfall of Aegan will be the climax. Its goes like this… “Ajith goes to Suman’s Lair, fights 3 thugs (Wow, 3 hunky thugs, man ajith is THE ULTIMATE ACTION DUDE, LOL), at last fights with Suman in person and then.. how do you think Suman dies? Ajith gives him a punch/kick on his chest and he falls over a sharp protruding shaft and dies. Thats it! The end!

Seriously, doesnt the director have any brains? I would say.. Aegan is gonna be a MEGA FLOP thanks to its Director and the ever suckiest storyline!

Any more critisism about Aegan are welcome as comments to this post.


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