Welcoming Winter ’08

The onset of winter this year was accompanied by some sad happenings, shocking events and chaotic rains.  I kind of felt eerie a week before the 5th sem exams started. I was wondering, “Something has to go wrong somewhere, since everything happening in my life isn’t 100% perfecto!”. It was 2 days before the vacation started when the bad news arrived. Its impact was not much evidently seen on me in the beginning. But as time went by, I felt the pinch. But even now, i am not hurt in any way. Life teaches you a lot of beautiful and highly useful lessons, but at its own pace. Life is full of ups and downs – a saying which is chanted by every Tom, Dick, and Harry – has been useful to bring my hope back. Maybe i didn’t get the opportunity this time, maybe its not my time now. But, i will get my time in future and i will be prepared then, to give a good deserving shot !

Also sad to here the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Its a pity that just a handful of terrorists had held up against the National Security Guards for 3 days in a row and that too under one roof! Catch the full action here

Thankfully the rains in TN has reduced considerably.  Now, thats a relief because in India just a slight disturbance is enough for the Electricity Dept to cut off power. Its so frustrating to live without electricity for a whole day and night. Hope its over now 🙂

Looking forward to a whole month long period of homely food, tv episodes and online gaming 😛


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