Flood! in Chennai ??

Enroute to Mayajaal yesterday, i was shocked by the scene at the Tamilnadu Hospital Road. The road was submerged in water for a height of foot and a half and thanks to the ditches and pot-holes, it was 2-3 feet in some places. Navigating the road on a hatchback car like Tata Indica seemed to be impossible. But we(my father and me) were already half way into the swamp! Somehow with great difficulty we managed to reach the other end (Old Mahabalipuram Road). Gosh! lucky the engine didn’t switch off in the middle. And i managed to take some pics of the situation. Have a look at them:

And to my surprise the authorities have not taken any action till now. Maybe they ought to keep signs at the entry points and warn the public. Seriously this is bad! Rains are necessary but what happened this time was more than needed! I wont be surprised if more areas get flooded with just another spell of Rain.

2 Responses to “Flood! in Chennai ??”
  1. RamN says:

    Still the situation is grim in many a parts of Chennai …. sad state ….

  2. KRA says:

    @RamN hmm.. think so.. hope it will get better soon.

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