Google Wireless Transcoder aka Google Proxy

I stumbled onto this article about Google Wireless Transcoder. It is a service which strips a webpage of its styles (i.e formatting, css, etc) and serves it onto the browser just as plain Text and Images. It has a simple to use user-interface (UI) with a text box to enter the url and a ‘Go’ button. There is also an option to display images or hide them (just showing the text) – try it!

I found it very useful because of the problems that i face with my Sify ISP! The GWT is really fast and the page loads in seconds! Hope this article helps others who are stuck with a very low bandwidth internet connection.

But i think GWT will surely come handy while browsing through GPRS on a Mobile  or even iPhone too 🙂

Try out my blog on GWT and feel the difference

The best part is, the css divisions in a page like the main content area and sidebar are both distinguished and shown separately on the GWT. This feature is awesome !

3 Responses to “Google Wireless Transcoder aka Google Proxy”
  1. jereme says:

    hey thats pretty cool…. i tried it , really it can come into handy while surfing through GPRS.. thanks a lot ! 🙂

  2. KRA says:

    @jereme: yup its cool alrite 8)

  3. ProxyMaster says:

    I have never known that google has this awesome application.They have too many good things.

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