3G’s – Ghajini, Goodbye, Guilt

Here goes my post on the 3G’s viz. Ghajini – a well hyped hindi movie (ripped from its tamil counterpart), Goodbye 2008 – how i bid the year 2008 adios, and Guilt – Hey, wait a sec, this can also be GPA you know 😉

Yesterday (31st Dec 2008), i had a gala time with friends. Went for a the movie Ghajini(hindi) at Sathyam Cinemas, and to KFC@Spencer plaza for lunch. The treat (movie + lunch) was hosted by Shankar,GD and Algae. Kudos! to you guys! Thanks for that awesome treat. It was good to meet  college friends after a long and boring winter break 🙂

And some juice about the movie. I felt the tamil version of Ghajini was a lot better! Even though Asin has done justice to both tamil and hindi movie, the hindi version lacks the original charm. Well, the climax has been changed considerably, without which the the hindi version would not have been upto any good than a tamil-to-hindi dubbing! But overall, some of the numbers were cool enough to keep my lips busy for a couple of days now 😉

Sad that i could’nt see my 5th sem results last year itself. It has brought me into a stage of sadness and madness in this beautiful new year of 2009. I know its a crucial year for me, i would reap what i sow in this year! So, thats got to be planned well. And as for the grades, just forget it! i knew i blew it this time… arrgh! man, i feel like kicking some ppls ass (including mine.. LOL)

But anyway, looking forward to a brighter and more challenging year ahead. And i wish my readers a VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2009 😉


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