The Accidental Husband – Review

Well, i had no intentions of another midnite post. But, it was the occasional tamil background scores and the whole nature of the movie “The Accidental Husband” which made me do quite the opposite.

The Accidental Husband, is all about a Radio talk host called Emma Lloyd(Uma Thurman) and how she is tricked into a prank which changes her life. She is an accomplished writer who publishes a book on “Real Love” and also hosts a radio talk show in which the callers ask her for advice regarding their love life. Emma is engaged to Richard (A well-tried fellow in my opinion.. he he). One fine day, she receives a call from a woman named Sophia and Emma advices her to call off her marriage, but unfortunately this conversation is also heard by Sophia’s fiancé – Patrick Sullivan. Now, Patrick goes nuts and tries to screw up Emma’s life by taking help of his neighbourhood kid who hacks into the New York Marriage Bureau and registers that Emma is already Patrick’s wife.

The story is kind of boring from now on and moves slowly. Emma meets Patrick and a lot things happen. But in course of time, she begins to like him and the both fall in love. A lot of facts about love and romance splash all over the movie in the meantime. At last, Emma’s wedding with Richard is called off and she is seen with Patrick driving down the lane in a fire brigade (Yes, Patrick works in the NYFD – New York Fire Department)

The story is not over yet folks. The last scene is when Emma is between her show and Patrick comes to meet her! Thats when the beautiful background score of the tamil song “Swasame” from Thenali is played. I was just impressed by this scene. It was kind of a feel-good moment!

Although the movie is a bit boring (chaat, mokka, whateva!). Its a movie throwing light on how life can change and how new relationships can take for the ride of your life. and ofcourse, one of the dialogues were kickass –

It was nice being married to you

I mean, how many people get to say it that way huh?

UPDATE: Some typos were corrected.. Sorry for the errors 🙂


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