Extract Email PHP Script

I had a task that the publicity team should have done well in advance – Mail out invites to previous year’s participants. I had about 180+ emails piled up under a crapy heap of  data. And i had to send invites manually to each and every email! Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V – Man.. that would have been a lame thing to do. At first i thought of – The C language (yawn). I was too hesitant to code in C. Hmmm.. maybe because i have developed a dislike for it nowadays.. But why?(again.. one of the million questions to which i dunoo the answers)

Hah! PHP came to my rescue, so i gave C a good ‘ mind-ur-attitude-sonnie-after-all-you-are-only-C ‘ look and settled down with PHP. The best thing about PHP is that, almost all of the code that you think of making up is already available. Got hold of a site called zubrag.com and tweaked the Email-Extractor script. (hosted at a4arvind.uuuq.com/email_extract.php) Sigh! finally got those addresses separated and in proper format for ready-made use.

Finally the day was saved, thanks to PHP 🙂

2 Responses to “Extract Email PHP Script”
  1. senthil says:

    Yes, in PHP you can do most of them.

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