Finally a Final Year ?

Finally a final year? Well.. Not YET!

Its been long since i blogged. So i have to decided to come out of the hibernation period starting with this post. Ok, now coming back to the point of discussion! Yippy am a final year. After the summer of 2k9, i ll be one of the “final years” of my college. Feels good (well.. atleast for now.. 🙂 ). Summer hols have come as a breather! phew! whatay sem that was! Right from the start.. Classes, CPCs, PIs, GDs, Assignments (yuck!) and finally the Sems! (i guess all those exclamations would convey my level of happiness now that all of that is over. Even if its for a brief period. It does matter you know!). And then the good times – Pragyan’09 & Nittfest’09.

All those grueling CPC’s, though appear to be taxing you too much but it actually helps you at the end of the day. Even if you dont take it seriously, the whole experience is worthwhile. But opinions may differ 😛 .

Ah! finally.. Summers here and am going home 🙂 . Am reminded of those good ol’ summer hols during school days which used to be filled with fun. And heat is on the rise 😦  Guess i ll have to try my luck at beating the heat this time (more here). But then, this summer is going to be action packed. Really looking forward to it. 🙂

Some of the tags that will remind me of 6th sem :

OR – cee pee cee – cee yes – staff c – dfm – proe – minmal dota 😛 – Pragyan – prodigy? – nittfest – gd’s & pi – project LOL – wifi – heroes, himym, smallville & tbbt – finally “soup” 😛

Can’t believe it all this happened so fast so quick! all seems to have gone past in the blink of an eYe!!

Alas! I just hope all goes smooth.. inluding the three letter Gee-Word (interpretations of the different meanings conveyed is left to the discretion of the reader 😛 )


Just for the record, i managed to get my very own first 9+ gpa in my department (in 5th sem) 🙂 and am happy bout it…


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