Win rapidshare accounts for free – Contest

** What follows is not a prank or joke to increase the number of hits of any website or to generate revenue by ADs. Its a genuine contest where you have a fair chance of winning a Rapidshare Premium Account ! **

1. Never heard of Rapidshare? Then read on.. (or skip to here)

Rapidshare - Easy filehosting

Rapidshare is one of the best and widely used file uploading service. Tons of useful stuff including E-Books, Music albums, Videos, Softwares can be found on Rapidshare. Huge amount of stuff is already available on RS. So it makes perfect sense to make use of it 🙂

2.Is downloading/uploading free?

Yes, its free. Users are free to download/upload files but have to encounter a few rules like Waiting time, File size limit, etc.

3.What does a premium account entitle me?

A premium account allows parallel, resumable, uninterrupted downloads. The rules on upload/download limits are lifted. It enables support for download managers.

And last but not least, if your hooked up to the world wide web through a large local area network which works on a common internet gateway/proxy which is in turn used by a massive bunch of crazy downloaders, then its not surprising if you haven’t encountered the most annoying “your IP address is already downloading a file” warning! So, in cases like these, a premium account will surely come handy 🙂

4. How much is a premium account worth?

Find out more about the pricing here

5. Am game! Whats the contest all about?

Check out Madhur Kapoor‘s blog contest here and get the contest details. Complete the steps mentioned and don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed 😛


PS: Post your queries regarding the contest at

One Response to “Win rapidshare accounts for free – Contest”
  1. kumaresan says:

    i like to so can u help me to get this account

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