My Twitter T-Shirt

Yippy! I have ordered a twitter t-shirt 🙂 [and i got it finally! Click here to see the real tshirt]

Design as given below – Navy Blue:

Front Design:

T-Shirt Front Design

Back Design :

T-Shirt Back Design

Made it in a jiffy 😛 So no time to tweak the design. But then, i like it this way 😀

In case you are interested in knowing the details on how i ordered, here it is, ordered online from a site called Select a basic tshirt template and upload your front and back designs, Customise with on-site tools if needed and buy your order. Payment possibilities are numerous – credit card, debit card (includes SBI and other not-so-commonly-shown-banks), Mobile payment, etc, etc. Rates start from as low as Rs. 299/-, shipping charges and taxes add up. So you can easily get the above tshirt for about Rs. 350/- 🙂 Oh.. i almost forgot, the moment you register afresh onto the site, you will be given 5 gift vouchers worth Rs.100/- which can be sent across to your friends or family. But in order to claim the voucher, a minimum purchase of Rs.200/- or above has to be made.

If you want the same design as above, i shall be pleased to send the Photoshop(.psd) designs across to you. You can put your own twitter username instead of mine and give it a shot. Just leave a comment here.

Boy O Boy O Boy.. eagerly waiting to wear this and go places 🙂 So, BlueDart please make it home soon 😛

[Edit – After i got my tshirt delivered]

A double yippy cuz i got my tshirt delivered to my doorstep in just 3 days (ordered on 17th July 2009, 01:00 IST and got it by 20th July 2009, 14:25 IST). The service was excellant. I even got a mail saying that my tshirt has been dispatched alongwith a BlueDart ID to track the status of the package. And wallah! whaddya know? it was delivered within 7 hours since i got that mail from

I have just one minor discontent – the printed area could have been bigger!

Here is a real view of the tshirt 🙂

Real Twitter T-Shirt - Front Real Twitter Tshirt - Back

7 Responses to “My Twitter T-Shirt”
  1. Ultimately how much did the T-shirt cost u?

  2. kra says:

    as i have mentioned… it costs bout Rs.350. well.. 342 to be precise (ie. for chennai thru bluedart)

  3. Alagappan says:

    yea… the printed area could have been larger. its a bit dark.. but its looking nice… 🙂

  4. Those t-shirts look nice. Gonna try it out. We can upload any design we want?

  5. K says:

    The first thing I did after reading your post is … going to that site to order a T-Shirt. Well, the T-Shirt page is crashing on me 😥 Probably I should check once on IE when I get my hands on a windows box.

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