Rock on at Festember’09


About 2 hours before the start of ProNite this Festember, i am sure no soul would have ever thought what an awesome night it would turn out to be! By far, my most memorable one till now 🙂 As Russel Peters would have put it.. ProNite @ Festember’09, NIT-Trichy was just “Mind Blasting” (thats right, it was Mind Blasting rather than Mind Blowing).

Benny Dayal

Benny Dayal

ProNite was composed of brilliant (but short! thanks to the curfew restrictions! grr!!) performance by the playback singer Benny Dayal. Some of the scintillating numbers he sung were Yethi Yethi from Varanam Aayiram, Kaise Mujhe from  Ghajini, Masakali from Delhi 6, Taxi…Taxi from Sakkarakatti, Antha Arabi from Bombay, etc. He sure was a crowd entertainer!! But then! the goddamn fun began only from 23:15, when the Bandish started rocking away!

Although i was skeptic about their performance in the beginning, i was thrown overboard by sheer joy and enthu around! Man, you should have been there! The Barn just came alive seeing them on stage and i too had a time of my life 🙂

The Bandish

The Bandish

80 Minutes of non-stop blood pumping, body thumping action.. Bandish sure won the hearts of all NITTians present there. They staged all kinds of exciting numbers with the hits like Zehreelay, Pichle Saat Dinon Mein and Rock On!! from the movie Rock On!! to their own creation called the Goonj from Kaise Kahoon. Hats off to you Bandish!! Your just Awe.. wait for it.. Awesome.. And you showed us how to Rock On.. Kyunki.. Jindagi Milegi Na Dobaara

Edit: Some pic of decent quality i could lay my hands on.. (Courtesy : Badri)

Bandish - Live at NIT, Trichy - Festember'09

Bandish - Live at NIT, Trichy - Festember'09

Festember’09 was indeed a fest to remember (inspite of the minor let-downs and incessant rains). I know its a cliched expression uttered by most of the final years, but its just worth it.

A note to the cow-girls of NITT:  I also like to thank you people for evacuating the Barn early tonite. We dudes had a rocking nite without you 😛 No offense !!

5 Responses to “Rock on at Festember’09”
  1. Alagappan says:

    Barn indeed Rocked thanks to Bandish. Would never forget their performance I guess. 🙂 The best thing was the absence of staff and the girls. With them in Barn, Festember wouldn’t have ended the way it did this year. 🙂

  2. Sid says:

    “It called f**k the KANOON” the mind blasting night ever in NIT TRICHY…;-) Thanks sir for keeping up the GRR RESTRICTION 🙂

  3. Sid says:

    ID cant be better than this ;-)ID MUBARAK

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