BSNL NIC Wireless Internet – Review

After a careful search on the different wireless internet service providers, i settled for a BSNL NIC (aka CDMA Data Modem). Although i found considerable amount of info at, it still didn’t impress me. So, after using BSNL NIC Datacard i felt i should write a review about it and shed some light on BSNL wireless 🙂

BSNL offers two kinds of Datacards presently, the NIC and the EVDO card.

A comprehensive list of comparison based on speed offered can be found here

BSNL has unlimited plans for both cards which amount to Rs.250 per month(PM) for NIC and Rs.550 PM for EVDO Card. There are two options of getting the connection – rent the card (requires you to pay Rs.1000 as refundable caution deposit) or buy the card. Rent for NIC is Rs.150 PM and for EVDO it is Rs.200 PM. And it costs Rs.2800 to buy the NIC whereas Rs.3500 for EVDO Card (Promo offer till 30-9-09 – Rs.1680 for NIC and Rs.2100 for EVDO Card)

So, the cheapest way out would be to rent the cards 😀 – Rs.400 PM for the NIC and Rs.750 PM for the EVDO Card. I feel renting is better because in case of any failure/malfunction of the card, it becomes easier to get it exchanged/repaired as it will be the liability of BSNL.

I have settled for a NIC (Rs. 400 PM) as its cheaper when compared to other providers like tata-indicom, reliance.. and it delivers decent download/upload speeds of 7-12 Kbps throughout the day (this depends on your proximity to BSNL tower also, i get full signal strength where i am). I have attached my Speedtest report below and as its mentioned i get 9Kbps up/down speed at the moment.

BSNL NIC Wireless Internet Speedtest

BSNL NIC Wireless Internet Speedtest

BSNL NIC Speed Comparison

BSNL NIC Speed Comparison

Tech Specs of Huawei EC325 NIC USB:BSNL-HUAWEI-EC325-CDMA-DataCard

  • Air interface: CDMA2000 1X RTT
  • Standard Mini USB interface
  • Internal Antenna
  • Dimensions: 84mm x 42mm x 12mm
  • Supports Data rates upto 153.6kbps (because its CDMA!!)
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven and Linux too!

Download Huawei EC325 NIC USB drivers from

Some facts you ought to know before you go in for BSNL NIC are:

  • NIC connection is stable enough for a voice chat through Skype or GoogleTalk but gives average results for a video chat.
  • Good browsing experience for Gmail, Facebook-Lite, Twitter and some light downloads under 20MB.
  • NIC gives you a static IP which makes it tougher to download files simultaneously from filehosts like Rapidshare.
  • Frequent movement may disrupt the connection as it may involve switching over to another tower coverage.
  • Being wireless, i feel its even better than the Cable Sify Broadband at home where 64Kbps unlimited plan costs a lot more than BSNL NIC!
  • Although BSNL claims here that roaming is available for both the cards, i am yet to check it out.

Bottom Line: If your game for an unlimited connection without expecting phenomenal speeds, then BSNL NIC is the one for you! And its the cheapest of its kind too!!

Warning: Beware of areas having no CDMA tower coverage! BSNL datacards wont work there. Like in the primitive parts of Trichy – NITT – Thuvakudi. Sometimes BSNL is such a letdown 😦

11 Responses to “BSNL NIC Wireless Internet – Review”
  1. rohit varma says:

    bsnl nic is a good internet connection with not much speed but with uninterupted net.
    the problem comes when the signal is week(when the nic card is moved from one place to another)the sites take long time to open and some sites like orkut never open or will take a lot of time and effort to open

  2. sadanandan says:

    I am using this connection for the last one year
    found it highly suitable. BUT, FOR THE LAST ONE
    RECTIFIED YET. I may have to rethink to continue

    • Arvind says:

      Maybe the number of users have increased in your area, so the connection gets shared or something. but better consult bsnl service center / customer care ( yeah, its a sucky procedure, but you might get to know something at the end of it )

  3. aneesh s says:

    are you sure this driver will work with windows 7?
    the set up file specfies it only of 2k,xp and vista.

  4. ravi says:

    when i connects it shows the speed of 230.4kbps when i download something my transfer rate is around 4 to 10 kbps…. what should i do.. i live in chadigarh

    • Arvind says:

      230 kbps is the connection speed. the download/upload speed is always one-eighth of connection speed = 230/8 = 28kpbs approx. But in reality u dont get anything more than 15 max 😦

  5. Vikram Mhatre says:

    i purches bsnl nic card. but iam not satisfied because serching and dawonloding and allways very low speed. i get high speed internet but low costly internet. so what to do ? suggest me my phone 9028389757

    • Arvind says:

      @Vikram It may be bcuz ur area doesn’t have sufficient signal strength. Many times it happens, and to get a good browsing speed try in non-peak hours (preferably after 10pm or so). This may come to your help but am not very sure.

  6. shishir says:

    Where do i find window7 Linktop U100 Nic card Driver. Plzz help……

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