Chetan Blocks – The Story

Now if you’ve googled “Chetan Blocks” and come to this page. You’re on the right track buddy! Get to know how the #chetanblocks hashtag began 🙂 Going from zero to a trendy topic on twitter within about, say just 6 hours? Yup! It was trendy, and here is the whole story behind it (from a commoner’s perspective ofcourse!)

Edit: According to WhatTheTrends.Com, it was @nikhilnarayanan who started #chetanblocks. reports it was a result of a debate over piracy between Chetan and some journalists.

It started with @Flyyoufools (or as some claim @notytony) tweeting up on the 7th of December 2012 2009 (Oops, sorry, sad effect of watching the 2012 movie)… providing a link to a previous tweetdeck conversation at

FlyYouFools first tweet

ChetanBlocks - How it all began!

And then, wallah! Chetan Bhagat comes in…

Chetan Blocks Conversation

Chetan blocked FlyYouFools and a couple of others as mentioned here. And #chetanblocks is exactly what you get when you cross an Indian Comic Flick guy (FlyYouFools) with a Writer (Chetan Bhagat) who blocks tweeters (and lives to tell the tale 😛 LOL)

Phew! I never even thought a hashtag could have such phenomenal impact on twitter. To my knowledge, Trending on twitter in just about six hours is “Mind-Blasting” (like Russel Peters puts it). Check out the stats below, if you don’t believe it.

Stats for #chetanblocks trendy topicMore stats for chetanblocks

On a lighter note, #chetanblocks had created a sudden flurry of mocking tweets. If only you had followed, you would know how funny they sounded! I’ve listed some of the good ones here, just as an appetizer, visit Rohan’s post for a heavy dose of laughter 😛

  • Why can’t anyone be in Chetan Bhagat’s good books? Because there aren’t any. #chetanblocks
  • The first 3D Blockbuster – My dear kutti Chetan #chetanblocks
  • Where did CB buy his phone from? The Blockmarket #chetanblocks

Links to some of these funny tweets and pics: @krishashok, @rameshsrivats

Ah well. Last one, I promise. #ChetanBlocks  on Twitpic More on the pop-up blocker. #chetanblocks on Twitpic

Even YouTube and Adolf Hitler have participated in #chetanblocks 😛 Check out the videoHitler finds out that Chetan Bhagat has blocked him on Twitter” by krishashok. (Therikka vudra da nee!!, with all due respect.. 😛 ). Don’t forget to turn on the captions to ‘English: Chetan’.

There were a lot of RT’s too, which made the whole thing trendy. Thanks to all those guys who made it a good fun evening 🙂

PS: Chetan Bhagat tweeted up later explaining the whole issue, which took him several tweets as shown below

Chetan Bhagat explains ChetanBlock..

Finally, lets all thank Mr. Chetan Bhagat himself. I know it wasn’t good to make fun of him this way, but then it was all in good spirit. And thanks to him, my blog can feed on a couple of extra hits 😀

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  1. ramesh says:

    yup you are the first one on google

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