Idiosyncratically Lazy

I feel like this December is jinxed. Why so? Because I’ve been “Idiosyncratically Lazy” (or atleast had it as my GTalk status 😛 ) for the past.. ummm… Ah! am too lazy to count even the number of days. Being online, keeping up with trends on twitter, reading up, apping sometimes, but mostly vetti. I am feeling so lazy even to Alt-Tab that I have setup dual monitors! Now, thats what i call ‘iLazy’.

A good friend of mine (i shall not reveal his identity for the sake of Pragyan!), who has a dogged determination to prove his skills by looting the university treasury, called up on me on jabber. The chat, which lasted for a several thousand nanoseconds, made me realize the true meaning of “Idiosyncratically Lazy”.


Him: wtf does that mean?

Me: google it 🙂 am too lazy to explain 😛

<< that kinda lazy >>

Him: thu! thu! thu! 😀

Me: hehe..

Not just that, I got a hint how others treat lazy people. Although it was just a friendly banter, I could sense something real out of it. Absolutely no one respects lazy humans in this universe, unless they are your close family or maybe aliens from another planet 😛

Guess its high time to get on with some work..

PS: I fancy this status of mine! maybe it will sound even more cool if I APPLE-fy it to iLazy 😀

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