Pentazzle – Online Puzzle – by Instincts (SSN)

Instincts LogoRight now am hooked on to the online puzzle organized by SSN college of engineering 🙂 Its a part of their cultural festival called “Instincts v5“. The puzzle is named “Pentazzle” (maybe cuz its the fifth version of Instincts) – and its based on a JK Rowling theme – every level deals with a Harry Potter trivia (to be answered from the clues given by them).

Want more info about pentazzle? Visit the Pentazzle blog and Pentazzle forum. Or if you are just about pumped up to Pentazzle Logoplay, just start off at Pentazzle page, it needs a facebook connect login though. So if you’re on facebook, you’re good to go 😀

Am informed, PENTAZZLER ID#007 tweets at & Official Instincts Tweet at InstinctsTweet 😛

PS: Hope this will serve as a beacon of light for Googlers!


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