Going forward one decade !

First of all, Happy New Year 2010! 🙂

And there goes another decade, just my second one though :P. 2009 was eventful – I mean it! I remember doing more things last year than any other year in college. Starting from Jan 2009 – 6th sem, Pongal hols, Feb14th, Pragyan’09, Toefl, GRE #fail, First Proj at coll, VSM, industry visit!!, prof letting for summer proj, escape from ogre magi, doms-iitm, tiffany-sleep-facebook-twitter-grepreps, <some_other_encrypted_events>,  prof-outta-town-so-pardy!!, dotadudes, replays, GRE #fail, stung-by-bees, monkeys in the doms toilet, iitm-dc++, daily movie marathons with idukks, proj-ends :(, 7th sem, ogre-multicasts, GRE #win :P, the WEIRdo tag, blore visits, only-dota-days, ooty trip, apping, winter vacs – movies et al…

Something to reminisce about 2009…

Finally, the last semester at NIT Trichy. Period. Its going to be fun! Thinking of catching up some new TV series and ofcourse DotA! 😀

PS: Hope Aal izz well 😉


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