Selectively post your Tweets to Facebook

Selective Tweets - Facebook ApplicationTwitter is really helpful to update your status on the fly, or share some of your quick thoughts. And its fairly a simple process to tweet rather than update your Facebook Wall. But, many a times, you would like to post the same content on twitter and on facebook. Copying the tweet and posting it on facebook is so old-school!

Enter an facebook app called Selective Tweets, which makes it easier to tweet to your facebook wall. That is, your tweet is also posted to your Facebook wall. Here’s how it works:

In order to post your tweet to your facebook wall, you just have to end the tweet with an “#fb” hastag and wallah! Your FB status is updated.

But before doing so, you need to authorize Selective Tweets app to allow posting to your profile. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into Facebook, and goto and authorize the app to posting updates to your wall.
  2. You will need to associate your twitter username with your facebook profile, as shown below:Enter your twitter username to associate it with facebook profile
  3. You can also link twitter accounts to update the fan pages for which you have Administrator privileges.You can Link your twitter account with any of your Facebook fan page too!
  4. Also, you can configure the position of the hashtag “#fb” within your tweets – it can either be at the end of tweet or somewhere in the middle. And if you feel a lil’ bit creative, you can prefix your tweet with some message like “tweets” or like i did – “tweeted out loud: “. You can even include a link back to your twitter profile underneath each facebook wall update from twitter if you feel like it.Selective Tweets settings page

Hope you find Selective Tweets app an easier workaround for Twitter->Facebook integration. Do share this app with your friends and family. Credits to Andy Young for such a nice facebook application.

One Response to “Selectively post your Tweets to Facebook”
  1. ruby bardoza says:

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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