Use Twitter via SMS with any mobile in India

SMS Tweet India LOGOA few months ago, Airtel announced Twitter support via SMS in India which allows Airtel users to Tweet and read updates by sending messages from mobiles. But this was only possible within Airtel networks in India. Recently, a service named SMS Tweet India has emerged which allows anyone with any mobile connection to tweet and read updates by sending an SMS.

You can register to the service online at or send an SMS like ‘REGISTER <twitter username> <twitter password>‘ to one of the numbers mentioned below. After a confirmation, you are all ready to tweet through sms.

Next, Just send a message like ‘TWT <twitter message>’ to any of the two numbers and your tweet gets posted.

In order to get twitter updates, sms ‘TWTUP’ to get the latest update in your timeline. Or ‘TWTUP <username>’ to get the latest update of that user.

Presently SMS Tweet India have opened up two numbers:

  1. 09220092200 (Mumbai)
  2. 09243000111 (Bangalore)

So, people in Mumbai and Bangalore get to tweet with LOCAL sms charges (read ‘Free’) while it would be charged with STD rates in other parts of India. FYI, STD sms charges are maximum Rs. 2/- in India according to this source.

As even STD sms rates have been crashing, this service seems promising for twitter aficionados in India. It comes handy in remote places where you don’t have internet/gprs access but have mobile network coverage. More info about the service is available here.

How to register for

So! Go SMS Tweet! Credits to Mayank – the brains behind SMSTweet runs on SMSGupShup and Google App Engine Framework.

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