About Me

The Fred who writes this blog has graduated and moved out of bedrock. Hence the oxford cap. Fred is very idiosyncratic in nature, but his laziness knows no bounds. Does gigs on the interwebs, liker of Apple, and hater of Newton. Crowned Sir Tweet-a-Lot by his fellow cavemen. He’s on a mission – To become a Toruk-Makto!

Yet, Still, But, Sigh, OMG, Why!!? should i put this here, Fred is on the lookout for his Wilma. 🙂

End of #facepalm-ish bio. Ok, all that was a buildup. The author can be poked at http://facebook.com/arvindkr.

PS: If you find my blog’s url hard to remember, feel free to use  bit.ly/a4arvind or tr.im/a4arvind – they point to my blog too..


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